Static Caravan Site Fees Explained

March 2024

What are static caravan site fees?

At holiday parks where owners buy a static caravan or lodge, a site fee or pitch fee is charged for the year to keep the holiday home situated on its pitch. This fee is essentially the ground rent you pay for the pitch, while the purchase price of the caravan or lodge covers the cost of the holiday home itself. Pitch or site fees are standard across all holiday parks.

How much are Salop static caravan site fees?

Salop Caravan Sites Sales Director Chris Jones sheds some light on the price of caravan site fees:

“Static caravan site fees within our group of parks range from about £3,500 a year through to £4,800 a year at say one of the coastal parks in Harlech, Barmouth or maybe in the Tywyn area. So, you pay your site fees, and that site fee permits you to station the caravan on the pitch all year, throughout the year for 12 months that it could be there for. The holiday park will be open for say 10 and a half months sometimes only 9 months depending on the site, but your site fees cover you for the whole year.”

Watch Chris’ full interview here for further leading insights on all things Salop Caravan Sites.

Why do fees vary between sites?

As our sites are varied and unique, site fees reflect additional benefits that may be in the park to either cover the higher operating costs or pay for the space of bigger pitches. If pitch size is of no concern and your desired park is on the lower end of site fees, you can take advantage of reduced costs on your annual site fees while still enjoying full access to parks in breathtaking locations.

Still unsure about caravan site fees?

Don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for! Get in touch with us today to talk through specifics on site fees on your current park or a park you are looking at. We are here to chat and advise you on the best options for your specific requirements. Our varied range of award-winning parks ensures there’s something for everyone.

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Site fees are essential for keeping your holiday home on its pitch all year round. But how much do they really cost? Salop Caravan Sites Sales Director, Chris Jones, shares insights on our site fees on our blog and our latest YouTube video - link in our bio. 

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Green Meadow Holiday Home Park is managed by Adrian and Samantha, who live on the park to ensure that every stay is a pleasant, enjoyable and memorable one. They look forward to welcoming you and showing you around their beautiful park!

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