Sculptor Creates Commemorative Cross for St David’s Cathedral

March 2021

Andrew Logan, a sculptor, has designed and created a sculptural cross, in time for St David’s Day, for St David’s Cathedral in Pembrokeshire.

The piece, named ‘Remember Me’, is the result of months of work by Andrew at the Andrew Logan Museum of sculpture in Berriew, located near Welshpool. Now complete, Andrew will be loaning the cross to the Cathedral. The piece has been created using an eclectic mix of objects, all of a distinctive Welsh theme, which Andrew had collected over the years. Each object represents nature and his interpretation of humanity’s treatment of the planet.

The cross includes a resin casing of the Green Man’s face within the centre, surrounded by bronze painted leaves mounted on a blue and green mirrored sun base. At the top of the piece is a rising blue sun and the shaft of the cross is decorated with pieces of varnished mulberry wood, sourced from a 400-year-old fallen tree in the Archdeaconry garden at St David’s Cathedral Close, home to the Rev Sophie Whitmarsh.

The piece includes three statues of individuals holding the earth in their hands, a metallic plaque of the Welsh Dragon, a sculpture of St David, a pair of hands that flash with red light; and a white dove made in Andrew’s style of mosaic pieces of mirror, glass and resin.

On the piece, Andrew said “This sculptural cross project comes with a message to everyone to ‘Be Aware’, as it deals with human’s disregard for their home planet – earth. I call it a Living Organism of the Planet and it was inspired by my visit to St David’s.”

Once restrictions are lifted, the piece will be sent to be displayed at the cathedral. The Rev Sarah Rowland Hones, Dean of St David’s, commented on Andrew’s work “In giving Andrew the mulberry wood, we had no idea it would return here, and yet what could be more apt than a cross?”

Andrew’s project came about after connecting with Sophie Whitmarsh at an exhibition many years ago at Roche Court, Salisbury. They met each other again at St David’s last summer, where Sophie is now curate and minor canon at the cathedral.

Sophie said “It was such a wonderful surprise to see Andrew exploring the cathedral grounds and a pleasure to be able to show him the beautiful architecture and the history of this remarkable site in which people have worshipped since the sixth century. Andrew has drawn inspiration from so many aspects of St David and having the cross here for a time will add to the already world renowned cultural, historical and spiritual significance of St David’s cathedral and city.”

It is hoped the sculpture will be accessible to the public this summer.

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