Get ready to reopen your holiday home for 2022

March 2022

We know that coming back to your holiday home after a few months away is exciting, and we love welcoming all our owners back. But there’s a few things that need to be done to ensure your caravan is in top condition so you can sit back and relax for the rest of the summer. Here’s a few of our tips to get reopen ready:

Spring Clean

There’s nothing like dusting off the winter cobwebs and spraying a fresh spring scent to help you get you into the summer mood and bring your caravan back to life! We recommend you have a spring clean on your first visit back of the year so that you can get back to relaxing as soon as possible. If you live quite far from your holiday home you can always contact a local cleaning company who can complete the spring clean before your first day back.

Check for Winter Damage


Mould and mildew are common problems with static caravans so if it has been a few months since you were last in yours, then be sure to keep an eye out for any spores. Treat the mould with appropriate products and ensure you open windows to create ventilation and prevent the mould from returning. If your caravan regularly struggles with mould you could consider buying a dehumidifier to keep it at bay.

Check the Exterior of the Static Caravan

Whilst we all love the summer sunshine beaming down on our holiday homes in Wales, the Welsh winter weather can take its toll on the exterior of your caravan. Aside from obvious damage, keep an eye out for any breaks in seals, cracks in the guttering and any issues with skylights.

Check your Water Supply

Once you reconnect your water supply, check that all the taps within the holiday home are working as they should. Ensure you run the taps for a few minutes and flush the toilet to help run the fresh water through the system.

Check your Smoke Alarms

It’s important to check your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms periodically, but especially if you haven’t been in your holiday home for several months. Other fixtures and fittings that are worth checking include light bulbs, locks and cooking appliances.

Ready to Start Afresh?

If it’s time to put the duster away and start afresh with a new holiday home, why not take a look at our available static caravans? Or if you’re ready to buy your first holiday home in Wales, take a look at our nine 5* holiday home parks that span the beautiful country and seaside of Mid Wales.

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