Salop Caravans Sites and Bywater Leisure Parks | Welcoming Our Owners Back on Park

June 2020

Salop Caravan Sites – Protecting Our Owners and People

At Salop Caravan Sites and Bywater Leisure Parks, we are committed to ensuring the safety and comfort of our owners, holidaymakers, staff, and local communities, as Wales and the UK begins the process of recovery following the coronavirus pandemic.

Our business supports thousands of local jobs within the community – from our teams on park to local businesses such as restaurants, cafes, garages, butchers, shops etc. Therefore, we have a responsibility to ensure safety within our communities as we begin the process of reopening our holiday parks.

Working closely with the British Holiday Home Parks Association and the National Caravan Council we have set out a plan for reopening. Details of this can be found below, including social distancing policies and strict hygiene standards to ensure we maximise the safety and comfort of our holidaymakers and owners.

Salop Caravan Sites & Bywater Leisure Parks Covid – 19 Test, Trace, Protect

We are really pleased to be able to re-open on Saturday 11th July and we want to be able to stay open, so we are introducing new measures, in line with government guidelines to help keep everyone safe.

We are asking all staff, owners, and visitors to provide contact details, recording the times they are on the premises. These will be kept as long as the “test, trace, protect” system is in use and if asked, we will provide them to NHS “test, trace, protect”. Please follow and adhere to guidance sent by individual park managers on this process.

Please be reassured that your information will be stored securely, in line with data protection laws, and will not be shared with anyone else.

Owner Safety, Social Distancing & Hygiene Policy

We ask all our owners and staff to adhere to a few key points to maximise safety on our parks.

  • Only travel to your holiday home if you are fit to do so and advise us if you are becoming unwell or become unwell following your visit.
  • Leave your holiday home and the park if you are becoming unwell, and self-isolate at your home off-park.
  • When on park, respect and adhere to our social distancing and hygiene policies.

Opening to Owners & touring customers

We will be reopening all Salop Caravan Sites parks for owners from 10am 11th July 2020, to enjoy some well-earned relaxation in their holiday homes and tourers.

We ask that our owners, as well as all individuals on park, comply with our social distancing policy set out below, as well as current government guidelines and legislation.  Please respect our staff & our local community.

Social Distancing Policy

  • We ask all owners and staff to maintain a safe 2m distance from each other where possible please be aware these may be different in Wales.
  • Social gatherings should not take place inside your holiday home – at present only extended households (family bubbles) can be inside your holiday home at any one time.
  • In instances where this may not be possible, we will be adding additional shielding measure and/or PPE to maintain safe interaction.
  • In some areas of our parks, we may introduce a one-way system or spaced-out queuing to avoid close contact with others.
  • Where the above is not possible, only one member of your party should visit reception or our other accessible areas at one time.
  • Where possible, we will provide visible markers to help you adhere to social distancing guidelines when using any of our facilities on park.
  • Supermarket deliveries can take place, please try to keep these before 8pm (usually 5pm). Provide the delivery company with a contact number for you at the caravan and/or meet them at the entrance to the Park and show them down to your caravan obeying the Park speed limit.

Hygiene Policy

As well as asking our owners and holidaymakers to continue maintaining personal hygiene standard, regularly washing hands and using a disposable tissue to catch any coughs or sneezes, we’ll also be implementing a number of enhanced hygiene measures on our parks in order to reduce any risk of contamination.

  • Use of covid – 19 certified anti-bacterial disinfectant when cleaning communal areas.
  • Avoid unnecessary touching of surfaces outside of your own holiday home.
  • More frequent deep cleaning and disinfecting of high footfall areas and surfaces.
  • Providing gloves and PPE for our staff.
  • Introduction of hand washing and sanitisation stations in public areas and near entrances and exits where possible.
  • Do not flush disposable wipes down the toilet.
  • Ensure that your rubbish is double bagged before putting it in the bin area.

Hygiene is a huge priority for us, and our parks and staff will be on hand ensuring our superb cleanliness standards are maintained across the park.

Your ‘Need to Knows’ for Returning to Park

To welcome you back to our parks, we have created some specific ‘Need to Knows’ to ensure a seamless experience on park.

1. Essential/Emergency Works

Any essential services or maintenance that you require will continue to take place, we have outlined the areas which we have classed as essential or emergency works.

  • No hot water/heating
  • Gas bottle delivery (where applicable)
  • No electricity
  • Water leaks
  • Unable to unlock/lock the holiday home door
  • Gas test
  • Electrical test

Should you require any assistance on the above, please contact your park managers directly by phone or email in the first instance.

No other works should be completed on your holiday home during this period whilst the holiday home is occupied however, all other maintenance related jobs, including warranty and after sales.

2. Opening Our Facilities

We plan to open our on-park receptions, where applicable at the same time as welcoming you back onto our parks, where government guidance allows us to do so.

Swimming pools, gyms, laundry’s, any play areas indoor or outdoors, book, dvd, cd libraries, game/toy libraries and cinema will remain closed until government guidelines allow us to open safely.

Applicable potential opening dates – planned by the Welsh Government

13th July

  • Outdoor café and bars
  • Organised outdoor activities

20th July

  • Outdoor gym and playgrounds

25th July

  • Shared facilities
    • Amenities building (Touring Toilets and Showers)
    • Laundry

3rd August

  • Indoor pubs and restaurants

We will keep this under constant review, and we will communicate any changes with customers in due course, considering any future updates to government advice.

3. Contacting Us

In the meantime, should you require any assistance on the above or wish to talk about anything related to your holiday home experience during this time, please contact your park managers.

4. Water, Gas and Electric

  • Partially open your water stop tap then check that all internal taps are closed. You can then slowly open your stop tap fully.
  • Wait for your toilet cisterns to fill then slowly open each tap in turn to run the water through the system, there may be air in the pipes that could cause the taps to ‘spit’ run each tap until this stops.
  • Point your shower head away from you and slowly turn on the shower and run the water through.
  • Flush your toilets, the toilet bowls may have dried out during lockdown and this will re-fill the u-bend.
  • Check your electricity is on by trying some lights. If your electric is off, check the electrical distribution box which will be normally be located in the wardrobe of either the master bedroom or the second bedroom. All the switches on this should be in the UP position. If ALL are in the up position then check the electric box outside your caravan, these also need to be in the UP position.
  • Run the gas through to your cooker by lighting one of the rings. It may take several minutes for the gas to work its way through the pipes.
  • Then ensure that the power is on to your boiler and gently open the hot tap in the kitchen. Run the tap until hot water comes through.

5. Contactless Payment

We are encouraging the use of contactless payment methods including payments over the phone.

Thank you for taking the time to read the above. We look forward to welcoming you back to our Salop Caravan Sites.

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