Inspirational presentation on over 40 years as Foster Carers

August 2019

Holiday Home Owners on Morben Isaf, Patrick and Mavis Humby, gave up their Friday evening to share their story of over 40 years as Foster Carers to friends and owners off Park. A truly inspirational evening, where Mavis told their story. Over four decades of their married life has been spent fostering babies, children and teenagers at their family home in Shropshire. As expected, some of the situations were heart wrenching whilst others made us laugh and Mavis’ love and dedication to their role was evident to all who attended. It was good to hear that we have an author in our midst – Mavis has written a book “Other Peoples Children” and a number of attendees purchased a copy and were able to get them signed by the author! Mavis was nominated by one of her Foster children for the National “Mum in a Million” award and hearing Mavis’ rendition of events leading up to the award was hillarious! Well done Patrick and Mavis, a true inspiration to us all and the world could do with many more kind hearted people like you.

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