Are Staycations in the UK on the up?

February 2021

Have you considered a staycation as a result of the recent pandemic?

Due to the uncertainty of Covid-19 and with the travel industry expected to remain under tight restrictions for some while yet, there is a looming appetite for outdoor holidays in the UK.

Many people are now looking to favour domestic holidays this year as they anticipate venturing somewhere a little closer to home. In fact, according to a recent survey, 83% of British travellers would prefer to stay in the country and enjoy a staycation rather than risk planning international travel. Even the Prime Minister himself, Boris Johnson, has previously supported the movement towards staycations by saying “there are fantastic places, peerless, wonderful, superlative places in the UK to go on holiday”.

With relaxation and enjoying quality time with loved ones a top priority for those seeking a British staycation this year, one area that people will be keen to explore, and experience is the investment in holiday home ownership.

Even without the effects of a pandemic, a staycation at a caravan holiday park is a fantastic way to switch off from the stresses and strains of everyday life – with less hassle and little-to-no planning required!

With a staycation in your own holiday home, the likelihood is it will take far less travelling time when all you need to do is pack the car and get on the road. Even better, there’s no baggage restrictions, no time difference, no disruption of jet lag and no currency exchange to consider! You can simply gather your belongings and look forward to a stress-free trip to your holiday home – whenever you feel like it.

Staycations are also a great way to support and strengthen the local economy. With many tourist businesses being forced to close during the national lockdowns, many people are planning to ‘support local’ as a lifeline for their area.

Beat the Staycation boom and take a look at holiday home ownership at one of our parks today! We’ll be happy to show you around (socially distanced, of course) and let you see for yourselves why a holiday home is the perfect investment for you and your loved ones. Contact us today!

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